Nearly thirteen years after departing their previous bands, Jesse Everhart, Sean McCall, and Topher Bradshaw reunited, and joined long-time friends, Ryan Richardson and Sonny Decarlo, to form Summer of Blood. Their dirty Garage/Punk/Noise style easily hails from the likes of The Stooges, Brainiac, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket from the Crypt, and many others. Summer of Blood pays homage to the bands they grew up with, which is obvious with their first single, “Rotten Fruit”. The song’s chorus is infectious with Buzzcocks-like hooks, filthy in the Hüsker Dü-esque melodiousness, and deals with the everyday stresses of living in a major metropolis. Their second single, “Strange Island", pulls from bands like The Locust and NoMeansNo, with literature-based lyrical content, and is characterized by bombastic, chaotic rhythms, and tumultuous, angular guitar lines.


Having been in a collective slew of DIY independent bands, they maintain that mentality and continue to work diligently and fluently to keep Summer of Blood at a constant attention. Ryan still resides in NYC, while Sean, Jesse, and Topher call the blistering deserts of Phoenix, AZ home. Geographic constrictions have yet to be a deterrent due to creating an efficient and simple song writing process. “There is literally no way we could have made this work with Ryan living in New York without technology”, Jesse proclaims. The process is quite simple. Jesse lays down rough guitars and bass in his home studio, and creates the foundation for the songs. Then, they all work together with the arrangements by passing the files back and forth via the internet. Next, Sean writes and records the drums, and mixes the songs from his personal studio before sending to Ryan to record his vocals in his Brooklyn rehearsal space. On top of this, Sean works as a drum tech for Killswitch Engage, but is still able to write the drums, polish the songs, and mix while on the road. This is another fascinating element of the group. Their ability to sustain and function while on the move. 


Summer of Blood has managed to write almost nineteen songs in the last few months with this process. Beyond the two aforementioned releases they are working on a new record, and will continue to release singles periodically along the way to maintain interest with their audience, and themselves.

New Full Length

Grave Intentions

Self Released 01/05/2020
Recorded by Summer of Blood.
Mixed/Produced by Sean McCall. 







Press/Label/Management Inquires


PO BOX 7301

Chandler, AZ 85226


Will Anderson

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